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ENplus® certified producers form a global network of pellet professionals committed to the highest quality product.

Each ENplus® certified trader endorses a unique ENplus® ID from XX 001 to XX 299 (wherein XX stands for the country code).

Below you will find a frequently-updated list of all pellet producers certified under the ENplus® scheme along with detailed information related to their certificate including their approved bag designs. An active certificate means that the company is able to sell wood pellets using the ENplus® trademark. A suspended certificate means that the company is no longer able to sell wood pellets using the ENplus® trademark for a period of time. A terminated certificate means that the company may no longer use the ENplus® trademark.

* German approved bag designs are not published on this website. For more information, please contact

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ID Producer Certificate Country City Website
AL 001 Redi Pellet Sh.p.k Active Albania 7005 Maliq-Korce
AL 002 Lubima Sh. P.K Terminated Albania 8401 Bulquize
AR 001 Enrique R. Zeni y CIA SACIAFEI Active Argentina 3196 Esquina, Provincia de Corrientes
AT 001-1 Binderholz GmbH Active Austria 6263 Fügen
AT 001-2 Binderholz GmbH Active Austria 6200 Jenbach
AT 001-3 Binderholz GmbH Active Austria 5113 St. Georgen
AT 001-4 Binderholz GmbH Active Austria 5585 Unternberg
AT 001-5 Binderholz GmbH Active Austria 85092 Kösching
AT 002 Mayr-Melnhof Holz Leoben GmbH Active Austria 8700 Leoben
AT 003 MAK Holz GmbH & Co KG Active Austria 9111 Haimburg
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